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Western Action Shooting, Re-enactment, and promotion of the historical Old West heritage of the United States.



The greatest benefit is in joining a group of good people interested in the same things you are. Additional benefits include:
The critically-acclaimed bi-monthly magazine, The Shootist, to keep you up-to-date on NCOWS events, news, new products, articles on weapons and clothing, poetry and fiction, and much more.
A discount on NCOWS-sponsored event registration and fees.$1,000,000 broad-based liability insurance while participating in official NCOWS events.
An official NCOWS logo lapel pin and official NCOWS logo window decal.
A copy of The Tally Book, the official NCOWS rules and regulations, including full details on appropriate weapons, clothing and accouterments.
The opportunity to fully participate in a democratic organization run for western shooters by western shooters.



Representation in the NCOWS Territorial Congress (Board of Directors). Each NCOWS Posse may elect one Territorial Representative (eligible for election to National Office) to serve a one-year term to the Territorial Congress. There is no limit on the number of times a Territorial Representative may be re-elected.

Discount advertising rates for your events in The Shootist. One free 1/4-page ad per year in The Shootist for NCOWS-sanctioned events, plus free listing of all Posse events in The Shootist and in the NCOWS Up-Coming Events Web page.

Reimbursment of liability insurance cost for the Posse's NCOWS-sanctioned events. See By-Laws for more details. Posse events must be approved by the Executive Committee and published in The Shootist at least one month prior to the scheduled event.

A Rebate of $3.00 on each new NCOWS member enrolled by the Posse.

A Charter suitable for framing.

Assistance on running NCOWS-sanctioned events.

Opportunity to host NCOWS Regional Shoots.


How to form an NCOWS Posse – Step by Step

1st - Join NCOWS. - $ 45.00

This gets you:
The Shootist (6 issues per year) with: articles on CAS guns, Old West History and Western fiction, contact information, and Schedule of Events
The Tally Book which contains the by-laws and rules of the organization, along with the approved and disapproved lists of guns and equipment.
2nd – Locate 12 like minded individuals in your area.
The Shootist contact information may be of help here. (A posse can be formed with as little as three members but must be expanded within a year to five. Twelve members is the minimum to be eligible for reimbursement for your liability Insurance.)
3rd – Formulate a set of by-laws for your posse.
(The NCOWS Tally-Book can be used as a “boiler-plate.”)
4th – Obtain a liability Insurance policy of at least a million dollars.
One option for insurance is the following:
NRA Endorsed Program
PO box 410679
Kansas City, MO. 64141-0679
Attn: Dan Hilboldt
Phone Toll Free 1-877-487-5407

5th – Submit your by-laws and roster to the Congress for approval.
Once approved, you are set.
6th – If your posse is to be a shooting group (rather than living history) you will need to find a range to hold your matches.
Here safety is the number one priority. You might look into any local ranges that you can borrow/rent/lease. You can start simple with targets; anything that is safe and legal to shoot at. (Don’t start out thinking you have to have shoots just like…..)

If you have any questions contact:
Michael “Books” Tatham – (816) 356-6844
Advertising Officer– National Congress of Old West Shootists



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