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Western Action Shooting, Re-enactment, and promotion of the historical Old West heritage of the United States.

National Congress
of Old West Shootists



2018 Long Range & Side Matches


2017 National Scores

2017 Long Range & Side Matches


2016 National Scores

2016 Long Range & Side Matches

Johnny McCrae's 2016 NCOWS Nationals Slide Show


2015 National Shoot Results



We now have a forum for Territorial Congress Members to discuss matters that are before the Congress. Registration to this forum is restricted to members of the Territorial Congress. The forum is located at:

Guests who are not members of Congress are welcome, and indeed encouraged, to browse the topics. However, guests to the forum are not able to post on the forum.


Every membership now runs from 1 January, to 31 December, and all expire at the same time now. So, the Executive Committee has voted to switch to new membership cards which will carry no expiration date from this point forward. This is a move to save our organization money. After you receive your new card in 2013, cards will not be issued each year. We will be happy to replace lost or destroyed cards by request only. Look for your new cards soon!


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