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The Kansas Vigilance Committee has jurisdiction over the entire State of Kansas, but we do have some renegade Missourians running with us, and we intend to make the occasional raid across the border. Most of the members are around the Kansas City area, but we have people scattered across the state.

Membership in the KVC is open to anyone, and there are no dues. Cowboys being notoriously free with their money, it seems more productive to ask for donations! The KVC has only one elected officer, referred to as the Trail Boss, who also serves as the NCOWS Representative. The current Trail Boss is: Mike Tatham, 8921 E. 59th St., Raytown MO 64133, 816-356-6844,

You can probably see from the above information that the Kansas Vigilance Committee is a pretty informal organization. We don't hold a regular or monthly "stand-up" shoot, as there is plenty of that available. We prefer to meet at irregular intervals at different places to camp in the cowboy manner, and engage in shooting matches that require sharp thinking as well as sharp shooting. Our gatherings so far have featured "woods walk"-type scenarios that require a knowledge of wilderness survival, a keen eye to search out hidden targets in the woods, and a strategy to engage multiple adversaries without getting yourself "killed."

KVC 2024 Calendar of Events

As in the past, the safety meetings will be at 9:30 with shooting commencing at 10:00. Shoot fees remain $10 for paid NCOWS members and $15 for non-members (there are two exceptions: The May Jerry Barnes Memorial event and the September Buffalo Shoot have a different fee...details TBA).

Prior to each month's event, we will send out the details (minimum round count, guns needed, etc).

January 27th: Monthly shoot at Dave Sielert 620-341-1856.

February 17th: Movie night at Ann and Dave Birk 913-269-2176.

March 22nd-24th: NCOWS Convention in Davenport, Iowa. See Shootist for details.

April 27th: Monthly shoot at Garnett. Contact Jared Wright 785-448-4665.

May 3rd-5th: Jerry Barnes Shoot on Saturday and Double Action Shoot on Saturday at Garnett, KS. Contact Mike Tatham 816-518-6476.

June 6th-8th: National NCOWS shoot hosted by our KVC posse at Parker, KS. Contact Paul Weller at 816-799-2220. More information will be provided in the Shootist.

July 27th: .22 Shoot at Dave Sielert's. Contact Dave at 620-341-1856.

August 24th: Shoot in the Shade at Dan Carder’s. Contact Dan Carder at 816-728-5512.

September: No shoot. We will see you at Ruckus at Raccoon Forks near Valpraiso, NE.

October 26th: Buffalo Shoot in the hills of Kansas. Contact John Torrence 785-817-4824.

October 26th: Monthly shoot at Garnett. Contact Michael Tatham at 816-518-6476.

December 14th: Christmas dinner. Contact Ann Birk 913-709-9603.

Additional Tidbits:
Tent campers are welcome at the shoots.
The May and October shoots have higher shooter fees than the other months. Details will be announced closer to each shoot.
We are excited to have added a Texas Star to our collection of targets.

Click here for map/satellite image & to get directions to KVC's Garnett range from your home.

To get more info on these, or any other KVC activities, Contact Trap or Grizzle Bear.

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